Bobkat Boats International

Bobkat Boats International

Originally based in Cape Town South Africa, we have been designing Catamarans for more than 30 years.

Our team of engineers and technicians have specialised in the powered catamaran because we believe that the properly designed cat provides superior space, stability and comfort.

Demanding sea conditions off of the Cape coast has led to a hull design patented because of its unique seakeeping qualities. Boatloft provides specialist knowlege, basic hulls in various configurations, as well as fully fitted boats delivered anywhere in the world.

Bobkat News

A passing of a legend and a visionary

28 August 2012
A passing of a legend and a visionary

Jacob van Reenen “Bob” van Niekerk was more than a genius. He was a visionary. He saw things as other people not only didn’t, but sometimes – unfortunately – couldn’t… at least not from a fellow South African.

He had a scope of thought and sight that spread from designing chassis and suspensions, his forte in the GSM Dart saga, to revolutionary high-speed hull designs that other people have yet to realise the value of. Yet he was humble.

“None of these things are new, Geoffrey. The victorians thought of all of them. What we have now is the technology and metallurgy to combine their thinking into forms that are light and efficient and therefore much faster.”

Each one of his racing boat designs was superseded in his mind ten minutes after he saw it running in the water. He saw catamarans as a challenge, with a problem it took about five models to eliminate. And then he moved on to much more challenging fields: high-speed commercial craft. Boats that could carry considerable loads in difficult sea conditions at speeds greater than conventional designs.

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Read the Greg Mills Tribute "The Genius of Bob van Niekerk"

New Bobkat inflatable raceboat to enter the Thundercat Racing Series in UK

04 February 2012
New Bobkat inflatable raceboat to enter the Thundercat Racing Series in UK

World renowned high speed catamaran designer Bob van Niekerk has completed the new innovative design of inflatable raceboat (known as a pencil boat due to it's catamaran shape), and production of this model is currently underway with the first boats being ready for the 2012 World Thundercat Racing Series.

The BOBKAT 407 has unique patented design features to increase speed in rough water and maintain level attitude at all times.

The boat is designed along the lines of the current shape of pencil raceboat, but with numerous new innovative features, including stepped polyurethane keels to the sponsons and a unique shaped tunnel roof.

The tunnel roof will incorporate the patented Bobkat SKOKBREKER (shockbreaker) to the front section of the tunnel roof to soften the ride in big surf.

Moulded tunnel side lift rails will also be incorporated to assist in water / air medium hydrodynamic lift.

The boat is designed to fly over the surface of the water without the tendency to fly over backwards and to corner at a higher G without barrel rolling.

Bob van Niekerk is confident that this new design of boat, with a Pilot like Darryn Harrison, who is always willing to push the envelope to its limit, that the time has come to set a new trend in Thundercat Racing.

This boat is not built out of PVC like all it's competitors but is made from PANATEX which is far higher grade material allowing for higher air pressure in the tubes. This boat has a aluminum transom instead of steel with Kevlar Carbon Fiber Aluminum Honeycomb floorboards and Kevlar Carbon Fiber nosecone.

Only sale right now in the UK for £2995.00 excluding VAT

Go to ( to see all about this adrenalin pumped action sport.

Download the coloured CAD sketch of the new inflatable raceboat

Bobkat Mirage Inflatable Race Boat

04 February 2012
Bobkat Mirage Inflatable Race Boat

Bobkat have just launched a new updated version of the Bobkat Dart inflatable race boat which is the Bobkat Mirage, and this boat has drawn the interest of South Africa, Australia and Portugal for Coast Guard and Coastal Police purposes. They have just ordered 15 boats for surf rescue with suitable modifications for body board, oxygen bottles and other emergency medical equipment. These boats are ideal for operation in large surf conditions with two experienced life savers on board and due to the hull design which is specifically for operation in rough head sea and choppy water they are the ideal boat for this application.

New 7.3m Sportsfisher / Sportscruiser

03 February 2012
New 7.3m Sportsfisher / Sportscruiser

The exciting new Bob van Niekerk designed 7.3m Sportsfisher / Sportscruiser is the latest addition to the vast Bobkat range of high speed rough water catamarans. It has had outstanding reviews and boat test by Erwin Bursik, the renowned boat test expert in South Africa.

It is designed incorporating the typical Bobkat asymmetrical hull shape and patents.

It was unveiled at the Johannesburg and Cape Town International Boat Shows at the end of 2008 and is making headline news in all boating publications in South Africa, with a possibility of it being on the Southampton Boat Show in September 2012.

There will be three model variants to the design, a soft top version, hard top version and walkaround console version. It is intended to be powered by two four stroke outboards between 90hp and 200hp engines, giving a top speed of over 55 knots. For optimum performance a set of FAST foils designed by Proffessor Gunter Hoppe of the Institute of Hydrodynamic and Mechanical Engineering at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa, can be fitted.

This boat is designed to be launched and retrieved off the beach and through the surf launching in mind, as with its 9.6m and 10.6m big brothers' known as the Swiftcat, which is built in the UK by Swiftline Marine in Colchester under licence.

This boat is ideal for use as a fast patrol or pursuit boat applications.

Finish is outstanding with all fittings of the highest standard and this model is being moulded using resin infusion, so quality control is stringent.

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